Traveling to, and living in, a new country can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, the experience is not without its challenges. We aim to simplify this process, providing resources and services designed to make relocation easier for the agency as well as its students. EBI offers personalized assistance, providing:

  • Airport Transfer
  • Assistance in Securing On Campus and Off-Campus Housing
  • Arrangements, including Arranging “Homestays”
  • Help in Obtaining Health Insurance, Often Required by Colleges and Universities
  • Assistance in Getting Around the City, Including Information on Transit Systems or Assistance in Acquiring Driver’s License for Eligible Students
  • Aid to Students Seeking to Open Bank Accounts

Part-Time Employment

Many students may wish to earn extra money and take on extra responsibilities by obtaining part-time employment, either on-campus or off-campus. Eligible students may be able to apply for secure part-time employment during their stay in the country, EBI offers:

  • Assistance in Applying For and Securing Legal Part-time Employment On-Campus
  • Employment Off-Campus
  • Assistance to Eligible Students to Acquire and Employment Authorization Document
  • And a Social Security Number where Eligible
  • Assist Eligible Students Prepare and File Tax Returns

After Graduation

After the student has completed their education program, they may wish to remain in the country where they get their degrees. And seek employment or pursue a graduate level education. At EBI, we will work with each student individually to assist him or her in furthering their achievements.

For students seeking employment:

  • Assistance in Employment Search
  • Interview Preparation and Assistance
  • Visa and Immigration Services

For Students Seeking a Graduate Education:

  • Assistance in Finding the Right Degree Program
  • Assistance in Preparing and Filing Applications
  • Indivudualized Assistance with Letters of Recommendtaion, Personal Statements, and Admissions Essays
  • Visa and Immigration Services