Yarra Valley Grammar

About YVG
Yarra Valley Grammar's inclusive, welcoming community is one our families genuinely love and a place where our students feel inspired to achieve their very best.
Set on a single 29-hectare campus, the School offers a coeducational learning experience for students from Early Learning through to Year 12.
Our students are supported by talented and dedicated teachers who love what they do and know how to bring out the best in each individual. They understand the value of boys and girls workingtogether to develop teamwork and self-confidence and, with around 1100 students, our School is large enough to offer a diverse program, but small enough that each student is known by their teachers and peers.

 Year 10
A. All students study:
 • English or ESL
 • Mathematics Foundation Mathematics, Mathematics or Mathematics Extension
 • Physical Education
 • Science and Humanities elective
B. All students will also select electives from:
 • English                                    English Essentials or Literature
 • The Arts                                  Art (Photography), Studio Arts, Studio Arts (Ceramics), Visual Communication and Design, Drama (Devising Theatre), Music Performance
 • Health and Physical Education    Active and Able, Health and Human Development (Units 1 & 2), Outdoor and Environment Studies (Units 1 & 2), Physical Education (Units 1 & 2)
 • Humanities                                  Accounting and Business Management, Legal Studies, Flashpoints, Global Issues, War, Boom and Bust, Australia and the World, Philosophy, Psychology, Accounting (Units 1 & 2), Business Management (Units 1 & 2), Economics (Units 1 & 2), Legal Studies (Units 1 & 2), Geography (Units 1 & 2), History – 20th Century (Units 1 & 2), Religion and Society (Units 1 & 2)
 • Languages                                   French, Indonesian or Chinese (2nd Language)
 • Science                                        General Science, Science for Life or Environmental Science Applied Biology (Genetics), Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biology (Units 1 & 2)
 • Technology                                  IT, Multimedia, Product Design (Resistant Materials), IT (Units 1 & 2), VET Interactive Digital Media (Units 1 & 2), Design & Technology Fabric (Units 1 & 2)
  Year10 students take part in a one week of Work Experience and may also complete another week of Work Experience or participate in an end of year camp.
  Note: Selected Year 10 students may apply and be approved to study a Unit 1/2 subject.

Year 11
A. All students study: VCE Units 1 and 2
 • English, English Language, ESL or Literature
 • Physical Education
B. Most students study:
 • Mathematics
Students then choose remaining subjects from the following and may also apply to study one Unit 3/4 subject:
 • English                                         Literature (as additional elective)
 • Mathematics                                General Mathematics (Further), General Mathematics (Specialist), Mathematical Methods
 • Health & Physical Education       Health and Human Development, Physical Education Studies (as additional elective)
 • The Arts                                      Art (Photography), Drama, Music Performance, Studio Arts,
Visual Communication and Design
 • Business Studies                         Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Legal Studies
 • Humanities                                  History – 20th Century, History – Revolutions (Units 3 & 4), Global Politics (Units 3 & 4), Philosophy, Psychology,
Religion & Society
 • ICT & Technology                       Design & Technology (Fabric), Design & Technology(Wood / Metal / Plastics), IT in Action, IT Pathways, IT Applications (Units 3 & 4), VET Interactive Digital Media
 • Languages                                 Chinese 1st Language (Units 3 & 4), French (2nd Language)
Indonesian (2nd Language)
 • Outdoor Education                     Outdoor and Environmental Studies • Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics
 • Science                                       Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Year 12
All students study: VCE Units 3 and 4
 • English or English Language or ESL or Literature
 • Physical Education    Students choose four subjects from the remaining areas:
 • English                                     Literature (as additional elective)
 • Mathematics                                 General Mathematics (Further), Mathematical Methods,
Specialist Mathetics
 • Health & Physical Education        Physical Education Studies (as additional elective)
 • The Arts                                        Art (Photography), Drama, Studio Arts, Visual Communication & Design
 • Business                                       Studies Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Legal Studies
 • Humanities                                    History – Revolutions, Global Politics, Philosophy, Psychology
 • ICT & Technology                         Design & Technology (Fabric), Design & Technology (Wood / Metal / Plastics), IT Applications, Interactive Digital Media
 • Languages                                    Chinese (1st Language), French (2nd Language),Indonesian (2nd Language)
 • Outdoor Education                        Outdoor and Environmental Studies • Science Biology, Chemistry, Physics
 • Science                                         Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  All students in Year 7 to Year 12 participate in five classes per day, one hour in duration. The classes are both theoretical and practical, in line with the Curriculum Standards Frameworks (CSF) and Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) guidelines.
Year 7 to Year 9 assessment is in the form of written assignments, topic tests and presentations. Year 9 students have examinations at the end of each semester.
Year 10 to Year 12 assessment is in the form of written assignments, topic tests, presentations and examinations. The final years of study, Years 11 & 12, follows the guidelines as set down by the VCAA.

Entry Requirements Policy
  1. Yarra Valley Grammar will consider enrolment applications from students wishing to apply for a Student Visa, subject to compliance with minimum requirements and conditions set by the School, and with legislative requirements of the State of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia, including any requirements to undertake extra tuition to learn English to meet the English language proficiency standard needed to enter mainstream classes.
  2. Applications for enrolment must be made on the International Student Application for Enrolment form. This must be correctly completed, and must be accompanied by the following documents to support the application: a. Copies of Student Report Cards from the previous 2 years of study, including a copy of the latest Student Report
  3. Where the above documents are not in English, certified translations in English are required, with necessary costs to be met by the applicant.
  4. An application for enrolment can only be processed when all of the above are in the hands of the Admissions Office.
  5. Applications from overseas students are processed according to established policy and procedures, and are dealt with on their merits.
  6. Assessment procedures include an evaluation of reports from previous schools and of English language proficiency. In cases where report cards are not available or are inconclusive for any reason, the School may require relevant testing of the applicant to assess the application. Minimum academic and English language requirements are as follows:
  7. Students wishing to enter the School below Year 10 level are assessed individually based on the contents of their report cards and personal references, and may also be required to undertake a language proficiency test set by the school.

Year Level Tuition Fees / Annum $
Year  7            22,080
Year  8            22,820
Year  9            24,160
Year 10   24,160
Year 11   25,112
Year 12   25,278
Other Costs and Non- Tuition Fees
A. Miscellaneous/Co-curricular Activities Approximately $1500
The School provides a variety of camps and other activities related to the curriculum. Fees for these activities will be invoiced after the event.
B. School Uniform                         Approximately $1000
C. Text Books and Stationery Approximately $400–$600 Depending upon
                                                       Year Level and subjects                                         
D. Overseas Student Health Cover Approximately $500/year (paid upfront)
The student pays the total amount required to cover the duration of their studies.
E. Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Government Exam Fees (approximate)
Year 11 $260
Year 12 $450

China Office
Ms. Lei
Tel: 010-57291225