Pathway to distinguished universities in Ireland and UK

Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC) was set up in 1999 to deliver specialized foundation courses preparing international students for entrance into partner universities in Ireland and the UK. Both undergraduate and postgraduate level programmes are taught and students who successfully complete these are placed in awide-variety of Higher Education courses.

The Northern Consortium (NCUK) is an education organization created in 1987 and consist of 19 UK universities and 11 Irish universities. In March2004, due to our reputation for running quality foundation courses as a pathway to university entrance, DIFC has been appointed by NCUK as its exclusive delivery centre in Ireland for NCUK courses.

Dublin International Foundation College (DIFC) offers undergraduate and graduate foundation courses as a pathway to top Universities in Ireland and the UK. Besides, we also provide English Language Programme to prepare you for your future academic studies.
◇ International Foundation Year Courses(IFY)
International Foundation Year Course is the perfect preparation for international students planning undergraduate study in the UK or Ireland.
There are three pathways available:
·Business & Humanities (including Law);
·Engineering and Technology;
·Medicine & Health Sciences
Students choose three academic modules from a menu of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Business Studies and Economics. Choice of subject modules depends on intended degree. In addition to the three academic modules, there is also an English for Academic Purposes module (EAP) making four modules in total.
◇ Graduate Diploma Programme(GDP)
DIFC provides the world-renowned NCUK Graduate Diploma (pre-Masters) programme.All students who successfully pass this programme are guaranteed a place on a taught Masters at an NCUK university.
This programme is designed to develop the study methods and academic English language skills of international students who are preparing for Masters degree study in Ireland or the UK.
The NCUK Pre-Masters (Graduate Diploma) is a modular course consisting of a core element and a subject theme. The core element includes modules in English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Learning Skills including Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Research Methodology including project planning. Students following the longer duration programmes also undertake an individual research project and complete a substantial dissertation.
◇English Language Programme
DIFC provides Pre-Foundation English and Academic English for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study, also aims to students gaining English skills for International Foundation Year programme or for the Graduate Diploma Programme.

Entry Requirements

◇ International Foundation Year Courses(IFY)

◇ Graduate Diploma Programme(GDP)

◇English Language Programme
Entry Requirements: At the age of 18 to 30, have completed high school or undergraduate or successfully completed a recognized bachelor degree or three year diploma
Start Date: At the beginning of each month
Class Hours: 20 per week (25 hours intensive option)
International Foundation Year Courses(IFY)   €10,950
Graduate Diploma Programme(GDP)  €10,950
English Language Programme   €2500(3 months)
                           €7000(9 months)
                           €9000( 12 months)

China Office:
Ms. Rain Liang