Visa services

China’s rapid opening up in recent years, amid the ongoing globalization process, has led to a remarkable increase in its people-to-people exchanges with other countries, creating a great demand for foreign countries’ visas.
In recent years, many new agencies facing such problems that how to provide more efficient services to their customers for applying visa for different countries. In order to follow this trend, EBI established Visa Service Department since 2004, most of staff have more than 10 years working experience in visa service industry, we have provided visa consulting services to all of our partner agencies in China. Our main services are:

(1) To receive visa applicants and ensure their application documents meet the specific government requirements and smooth processing in the various visa categories.
(2) To provide applicants with intermediate business services, including computer entry of basic information, and transmission of the passport, visa, and other application documents between the visa office and the applicant.
(3) To collect visa fees, whether for normal, express or rush service in accordance with the requirements of specific visa office or Consulate-General and, on their behalf, deliver the passport and visa to the applicant.
(4) To release visa information in a timely manner, answer agencies inquiries and provide assistance through our information desk, telephone, and e-mail.
(5) To provide the applicant with other necessary services in accordance with requirements of specific visa office.