Joint Programme

With the ability to conduct business in 31 cities EBI can assist your school to setup joint-programme with Chinese education sectors. furthermore, with its advantageous location in heart of Beijing city, EBI can maintain personal contacts with esteemed educational institutions throughout Beijing and easily to develop links with education institution all over China.

With years of joint-programmes experience, on behalf of our overseas customers, we have set up links with the following Chinese education institutions in these areas:

We have worked with institutions to identify suitable Chinese academic partners for X+Y (e.g. 2+2 or 3+1) programs, student and faculty exchange, foundation year programming, and to negotiate the initial basis of the partnerships.

We formed partnerships between Chinese colleges and a Irish university to offer Chinese college graduates the chance to “upgrade” Chinese college diplomas into bachelors degrees.

We worked with one U.S university to identify Chinese college counterparts interested in licensing curriculum.

We worked with several U.S high school to set up join-programmes with some distinguished Chinese High schools.

  • 北京科技大学
  • 北京第二外国语学院
  • 北京大学附属中学
  • 成都信息工程学院
  • 河北师范大学
  • 北京联合大学
  • 山西农业大学