EBI-Your Chinese Office

As your office in China, all you need for a professional beginning. For more mature institutions, a program to take your recruitment to the next level.
Recruitment Network Kickstart Program   
If your school is comparatively new to Chinese market, our Recruitment Network Kickstart    Program provides you with a solid foundation.  To prepare you to kick off your active China recruitment program, we work with you to lay the contractual and marketing communications groundwork and provide you with custom research and training. We identify and screen suitable, motivated agent and non-agent recruitment partners and accompany on your first tour to meet them, where you finalize contracts and conduct your first training. We then transition the management of your new recruitment network into your hands.
Recruitment TuneUp Program  
If your school has been engaged in China market for some time, our Recruitment TuneUp Program program is a chance to take your engagement to the next level.  We work with you to evaluate your geographic engagement, identifying regions in Asia both where you have historic success and regions that hold promise for your institution in the future. We evaluate your current recruitment partnerships, including conducting competence testing. (This helps us identify strong performing partners who merit additional support, partners who require additional support and training, and promising new partners). We examine your current recruitment communications, paying particular attention to the quality of translation / localization and make recommendations for improvement. To help you build profile, we explore alternate communications channels, such as social media, local public relations, and profile-building projects.
With many years’ professional experience in the above field, on behalf of our overseas education institutions, we have written successful stories for them in China, if you want to know more about it, please contact us.